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Laurence Kaye has worked widely as a choir leader. For a period he was leader of the Blackburn People's Choir. He has also directed groups for AOF Århus, Den Nye Musik Skole Århus, the Horse + Bamboo Theatre workshop programme and the "With One Voice" choir festival, amongst others. He also taught choir at GITIS Scandinavia, Århus and been a visiting choir director at LIPA drama school.

He has worked in many different styles- from folk music to musical theatre, from Carl Orff to Stevie Wonder. As a leader he combines a keen and exacting ear with a sense of fun and adventure. Laurence emphasises the physical nature of singing, and the joy of working in an ensemble. He is comfortable with all kinds of groups, from complete beginners to professionals. As well as directing, he also composes and arranges for choir.

In 2005 he was the recipient of a research fellowship from community music organisation "More Music Morecambe". He used the grant to explore the rich choral heritage of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries - drawing on his work in Denmark, and visits to Estonia and Lithuania. The result of the fellowship was a collection of arrangements of folk music from around the region for amateur choirs, with the title "Bridge of Song". Laurence has explored this unusual repertoire with schools and workshop groups in the UK, and with students in Denmark. It forms the basis of his workshop "Breath of the Baltic".

Breath of the Baltic

"Breath of the Baltic" is an inspiring and surprising workshop introduction to choral folk music of Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. What do trolls sing to their children? What kind of music echoes around the Swedish valleys? And what does a spell in Estonian sound like? Laurence Kaye is your guide through lullabies, charms and songs of the changing seasons of the year.

This workshop is available in different formats, a two hour taster session, and day and two day residencies. Workshop participants do not need to be experienced singers, just a sense of curiosity...

Loz Kaye's collection of choral arrangements from Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries 'Bridge of Song' is now available on sale. It costs only £5 plus £1 postage.
Contact Laurence Kaye for further information and booking.