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About the work of Horse + Bamboo:

“The diabolically inventive Horse + Bamboo touch a chord the West End wouldn’t even know existed”
The Guardian

“Beautiful, stunning and utterly engaging theatre”
Jane Horrocks

About Horse + Bamboo’s “Little Leap Forward”:

“...a ravishing, wordless mix of maskwork, puppetry, shadow play and music... a lovely, maverick show'”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian ****

About Horse + Bamboo’s “Harvest of Ghosts”:

“Horse + Bamboo have established themselves as a leading force in accessible visual theatre and this show highlights their talents brilliantly”
Manchester Evening News

About Horse + Bamboo’s “Company of Angels”:

"Mixes whimsy, wonder, mystery and personal myth into a sweet telling…”
Star Tribune Minneapolis, USA.

About Thalias Tjenere’s “Lommeoraklet (Pocket Oracle)”:

“Enchanting, beautiful, it touched my spirit”
Susan Albertsen, Maskeriet, Denmark

“We are attracted to the unique universe of the play with its charming masked creatures”
Yasuaki Yamasaki Leader of Kageboushi Theatre, Tokyo, Japan.

About “Beginner’s Guide to Cyber-shopping”:

“It features a frenetic, mock gospel score… Imagine hitting F1 for help and having a well-drilled ensemble whisk you through the process in a series of deftly executed musical numbers.”
The Guardian

“Cybershopping really is a totally new kind of musical. It’s still full of catchy songs, great choreography and superb acting… but from the start you can tell it’s going to be something special”
The Scarborough Evening News

About Full Body and the Voice’s “In the Footsteps of Mr. Butler”:

“Laurence Kaye’s multi-instrumental dexterity on keyboard, trumpet and seeming extra fingers accompanies the deeds of McMillan’s ever-harassed Butler”
York Evening Press

“There’s live music splendidly created on stage by Laurence Kaye…”
Huddersfield Examiner

About “James and the Giant Peach”:

“That, said beaming nine year old Jessica, was really, really, good. The second 'really' is the one that counts, lifting a reliably entertaining family show into some kind of childhood superleague...
...Loz Kaye's wonderful work on the music...…”
Birmingham Post