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Laurence, otherwise known as 'Loz', Kaye has been a professional composer, musician and teacher since 1994. In this time his music has been performed all the way from Nashville, USA to Okinawa, Japan. His personal style is imaginative, open, energetic and enthusiastic about cultural exchange. Loz is based in Manchester, UK. For his latest activities see the news blog.


Laurence has mostly worked as a composer for theatre, notably with touring visual theatre company Horse + Bamboo. He has also written music for dance, film, orchestra, choir and electronics. He has created scores in a range of styles, from the Mexican folk music inspired show "A Strange (and Unexpected!) Event" to the pop and gospel musical "A Beginner's Guide to Cybershopping". Even so all his various compositions are engaging, dramatic and accessible.


Laurence's first instrument is the trumpet, which he started playing at the age of 11, learning both classical and jazz styles. Whilst at Cambridge University he studied Javanese gamelan percussion with Pak Sriyanto and Jenny Heaton. In the course of his work as a singing teacher he has taught himself keyboards. He has performed in hundreds of theatre shows picking up instruments as necessary - including such exotica as the conch shell, zither and fujara flute : the national instrument of Slovakia.


Laurence Kaye is an experienced teacher and workshop leader. He has worked in a variety of contexts including schools, further and adult education. The fields he teaches in are song, composition, choir, music theory and history. Currently he is a visiting lecturer at Salford University. He has a programme of workshops available for booking.


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